About Us

BJR Solutions Ltd was formed in March 2014. Its Director is Brian Robinson. Brian is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist who likes variety and maintains skills in many aspects of sustainability, safety and professionalism.

Brian is also a highly experienced researcher and senior manager, having spent more than twenty five years in a variety of vehicle safety research and consultancy, sustainable
energy, professional association and environmental policy development roles.

We work to improve the safety and sustainability of land transport, through research, programme development and policy formulation in the fields of electric and other low carbon vehicle technologies, commercial vehicle safety systems and accident studies, freight transport, vehicle legislation, energy networks and infrastructure, fuel economy and any other aspect of our transition to a low carbon, safe and sustainable transport future.

In energy matters, we have considerable experience in policy development, including report writing and position statement formulation, and the promotion of sustainable choices regarding demand reduction and renewable supply technologies.

We support and contribute to the development of professional standards and competence in engineering and other environmentally-relevant professions, and have experience of planning, organising, managing and directing educational initiatives and CPD events.

At BJR Solutions, we strive towards a more sustainable world; saving energy, carbon, lives and money.